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Concept Boards

By JSInteriorDes · March 23, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Covina Apartment Virtual Design Project Living Room Inspiration Board

Covina Apartment Virtual Design Project Living Room Concept Board

Martha's Vineyard Virtual Design Project Concept Board for Backyard Porch

Martha's Vineyard Virtual Design Project Concept Board for Lighting

Beverly Hills Residence

Brentwood Penthouse Condo Concept Boards Collage

Hollywood Hills House Concept Boards Collage

Yacht Newport Harbor Concept Boards Collage

West Hills Kitchen Remodel Concept Boards Collage

Westwood Office Concept Boards Collage

West Hollywood Apartment Concept Board Collage

Valley Village Residence Concept Board Collage

Beverly Hills Residence Concept Boards

Shadow Hills House Concept Boards

Brentwood Penthouse Condo Concept Boards

Yacht Concept Boards Newport Harbor

West Hills House Kitchen Remodel Concept Boards

Hollywood Hills Residence Concept Boards

Downtown Los Angeles Office Space Concept Board

Woodland Hills Residence Concept Board

Redondo Beach Residence Concept Board

Westwood Office Concept Boards

Hollywood Hills House Concept Boards

West Hollywood Apartment Concept Boards

Valley Village Residence Concept Boards

Thousand Oaks Residence Concept Board

Restaurant Project Concept Board

Lobby Renovation Concept Board

Studio City Condo Concept Boards

Culver City Townhouse Living Room Concept Board

Bel Air Residence Concept Boards
posted by inereedib

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Hey everyone, what's up? My name is Phil and I'm new to the forum, I hope I posted this in the right category.

So lately I've been trying to put together a audio system that fits my budget (university student) that still sounds good (and can handle some party use) Right now I'm looking for some advice on selection of speakers that would give me the best bang for my buck.

I'll probs be using a vintage Nikko Alpha II amp and Beta II pre (but maybe a Kenwood 208 amp) My speaker choice in the under $100 have came down to a set of Technics sb cx700's or Sansui SP-X7900's.

I have read some reviews on
stereo speaker reviews
and some say they are worth the money and some say they arent. I still can't make decision. Any thoughts?

posted by RamIrract

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